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Union group accuses Trader Joe’s of violating workers’ rights


The work of Seth Goldstein, partner at the Working People’s Law Center, was featured in an article from Spectrum News:

“Seth Goldstein, a partner at Julien, Mirer, Singla & Goldstein, who represents the union, announced the charges on Wednesday on Twitter. 

Goldstein told Spectrum News 1 they are seeking a temporary injunction from the National Labor Relations Board to stop unfair practices in response to the union vote. He said a union organizer has been fired and others have faced disciplinary actions. Goldstein says these actions create a “chilling effect” to discourage union activity and are similar to actions taken by companies like Starbucks and Amazon.

“We’re at a crucial period right now. The administrative process takes a long time and won’t be settled in time to stop the chill that is taking place,” Goldstein commented.

According to Goldstein’s tweet, formal charges were sent to the NLRB. The union accuses Trader Joe’s of violating the section of the National Labor Relations Act that forbids employers from interfering with, restraining or coercing employees from exercising their right to unionize. Goldstein’s post shows a portion of the filing.

In another social media post, Goldstein also accused Trader Joe’s and their representation, Morgan Lewis Law, of “engaging in an illegal scheme” to deny workers at the Louisville store the right to join the union. He accuses them of attempting to strip workers of their union rights, despite workers voting in favor of the union in late January.”