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Companies Brace as Unions Jump on Labor Board’s Recognition Test


The work of Seth Goldstein, partner at the Working People’s Law Center, was featured in an article from Bloomberg Law:

Cemex gives unions the green light to file more charges against companies and grants them more leverage during organizing drives, said Seth Goldstein of Julien, Mirer, Singla & Goldstein PLLC.

Before the decisionit wasn’t always worth it for unions to file charges over smaller, “garden variety” allegations, said Goldstein, who represents the Trader Joe’s Union and Amazon Labor Union. But now unions will be re-evaluating elections from the past six months to see if they can get bargaining orders under the new standard, he said.

“This means that a lot of these elections that unions thought they lost are going to be flipped over and they’re going to get recognition,” he said. “This is huge. It’s a fundamental change in the board’s role and it will hopefully make employers not so comfortable violating the law anymore.”