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Retu Singla



Ms. Singla has been a community activist for over 30 years, was a co-founder and board member of a low wage worker membership based non-profit and has been a movement lawyer for over 20 years.  
To her, workers’ rights encompass a large array of human rights from the right to decent work and freedom of association to equal opportunity and protection against discrimination. Given the relationship between workers, employers, and the state, worker’s rights are where ‘business’ and ‘human rights’ most often intersect.   She believes that fair treatment of workers is sound public policy and good business practices that society should value.  Ms. Singla’s passion for an intersectional approach when advocating for the rights of workers alongside her experience and skills drive her to be a movement oriented lawyer.  
She believes that movement lawyering takes direction from directly impacted people and from organizers, as opposed to imposing any legal expertise. It means building the power of the people, not the power of the law. As a movement lawyer she works within the larger civil rights and labor movement to help change the conditions that lead to worker exploitation so as to strengthen the grassroots base of the labor and civil rights movement.  Her practice is based on anti-oppressive and democratic principles to create an environment that mirrors progressive change that is movement centered.

Retu is a workers' human rights lawyer.


Retu Singla holds a Bachelor of Arts from the New School for Social Research and a Juris Doctorate from the University of California at Los Angeles, Program in Public Interest Law and Policy.

Retu Singla practices in New York.

She is a member of the Legal Network for Gender Equity & TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, Fast Food Justice and Law for Black Lives. She has served as a Delegate of International Accompaniers by the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela to observe the expanded audit of the April 14, 2013, Special Election after the March 5, 2013 death of President Hugo Chavez and a Delegate to the 2008 International Conference of the Role of Unions and Labor Lawyers in Havana Cuba.

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After a spotless record for 25 years I was shocked and embarrassed that the DOE could suspend me. Thank you so much for being patient with me especially when I called you repeatedly and needed reassurance. I am so happy that the event is over!
I am absolutely over the moon about the outcome of my arbitration! I got to see their faces when the manager had to hire me back. I have only good and kind things to say about how you handled the arbitration. Please know that I am most grateful to you for this victory."